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Blindfolded Bella with GOLD blindfold

Blindfolded Bella with GOLD blindfold

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Introducing our Blindfolded Bella with GOLD flower blindfold, an elegant, stylish decoration for any room in your home. The delicate figurine features a gold blindfolded lady, making it a timeless piece of decor. It is a stylish addition to your living space. Enjoy the beauty of this striking candle with its timeless gold accents.

Our candles are handmade and Hand poured using 100% Natural Soy Wax. 

Bella 9cm x 6cm

Our pillar candles are crafted to be fragranced decorative pieces.

Should you burn any of our pillar candles, it is advised to always have them placed on a heat proof candle plate in a draft free area.

100% Soy Wax used.

Please Note: Each candle is handmade and hand poured in small batches. Colors may vary slightly from product shown online. Therefore, color, scent, and appearance may vary slightly. There may also be very small cosmetic defects from time to time due to the nature of soy wax. These defects do not effect the quality of the burn or smell of the candle. We will always try our best to ensure a smooth and beautiful candle.


Please see the candle care menu for more information about safe use of your candles.



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